Rottnest Cruises’ Luxe tour featured in New Zealand Herald

Western Australia’s favourite holiday island, Rottnest, features in a story in the New Zealand Herald, by esteemed travel writer, Carolyn Beasley ~ who happened to pay us a visit on board our Luxe Island Seafood Cruise.

In her review of Rottnest Island’s highlights, Carolyn writes about her indulgent stay at Samphire Rottnest and her deluxe experience on our 7-course seafood lunch cruise.

Out on the water, guests participate in pulling up traps containing western rock lobsters. After assisting the crew to measure them, there’s time for snorkelling a pristine bay, before our onboard lunch of barbecued lobsters and other seafood delicacies with local wines.

carolyn beasley, new zealand herald

Read her full review below ~ and here.

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